Hi this is Moeko, the other contributer of this blog "fashionpoach"!
Im also a college student in Japan, and learning english in there.
my english skills are not perfect and Id like to prectice it throught this blog.
so anyone who notice some mistakes in my writings, plz feel free to point them out!

btw I had been looking for the food camera for a long time
and finally I got it today ;) here it is!

since I came up with it for the first time, Ive been in love with it.
Id like to bring this anywhere anytime so this blog might be filled with photos
taken by this camera haha!

I hope all of you can enjoy spending time with us through our blog!


  1. Hello~

    I stumbled upon this blog via Tokyo Fashion. Hmm... looks like it's new here.

    Oh, since you mentioned about mistake, I found one here...

    prectice ==> practice

    The rest... wow, you are pretty good in Eigo!

    See ya!
    ^__^ v

  2. Hello~
    I think your blog looks very nice! I have been looking for a fashion blog from Japan!!

    Your English is very good! I myself study Japanese language.



  3. prectice it throught this blog
    correct-practice it through this blog

    so anyone who notice some mistakes
    correction - so anyone who notices some mistakes

    Sorry getting anal about spelling and grammar. ;P


  4. thank you all for the comments!

    >Multimedia Division
    thank you for comming here ;)
    yah we are new in Tokyo Fashion and I really like it!

    oh I didnt notice such an easy mistake...lol
    thanks for telling me!

    I have been looking for nice fashion blogs so
    please recommend me if you know some!


    thank you for telling us mistakes! ;)

    I will visit ur blog too.

    xoxo Moeko