JPNese traditional hakama →TOKYO mode!!!

Do you know kimono?

Do you know Hurisode?

Do you know Zouri?

Do you know Geta?

we want every people all over the world to know JPN traditional clothes.
today, i pick up one of many JPN clothes, "hakama"

do you know "hakama"?
All right,if you dont know it.

Hakama  is  a long pleated skirt worn over a kimono!
Bushi put on the hakama old days!

and now Japanese put on  hakama when they attend university graduation ceremony.

 But, we think that we should put on hakama daily.
bound by  tradition, we put on hakama and kimono, but I think we can put freely on hakama!
we want to match the hakama and shirts!It is new tokyo mode fashion!!

do you want to put on hakama?
if you say Yes, we glad to.

this is Japanese princess Ohinasama.

good bye!


  1. your English is pretty good. i understood everything. and the skirts- beautiful, i want one!

  2. こんばんは Moekoさん & Emikaさん
    Im new follower to your blog.
    Using Hakama on modern way like this,seems really cool. I want to try too.
    Im looking forward to reading more of your blog. ^___^)v

  3. The hakama looks cool and comfortable. Also, it looks like it might suit well my bodyshape. I think I might to try one... do you know if there are any patterns on the Internet so that one might sew a hakama herself?

    Concerning your English, there are some small mistakes in the word order and with the prepositions, but it's still very easy to understand. You're doing good!

    (私 は日本語を勉強します。 Do you write anything in Japanese or all in English?)

  4. Woah I love the the way you worn the Hakama with a modern style. I will love to see a man wearing as a man-skirt. Androgynous-look is awesome!

  5. I love asia, girls, visit my blog too! and follow me back :)

    Hope to hear from you soon

    -karro, lithuania

  6. Congratulations! love your post! xoxo from perú www.styleinlima.blogspot.com

  7. Wow, I didn't know the Hakama could be used in casual wear too! I would love to wear one, it looks very stylish and elegant.

    PS: Your blog is great!!!

  8. I love the Hakama! I am currently an English teacher in Vietnam. If you need any help or editing in English, feel free to contact me. My next destination is Japan. Maybe we will meet some day! After that, I will be studying textile conservation in Europe and would love to read more about traditional Japanese clothing on your blog. www.vietnaomi.blogspot.com www. chungjuicy.blogspot.com

  9. I'm loving the hakama! Are you in bloglovin? I want to follow you.
    As a japanese descendant I'm very interested in knowing more about japanese fashion. Lovely blog!

    greetings from Peru

  10. I love Hakama (^_^) I think they look very elegant. But my all-time favourite is a Kimono because the patterns are beautiful <3

  11. I really like how you styled hakama with the button up shirt, it looks really nice. It has a cool retro, hip feel to it. Also I like your photo style I look forward to your next posts ^_^

  12. casual HAKAMA is so cool
    traditional wear is so nice
    and it looks so good to wear often~

  13. Hi. I like your blog. Your English is also very good. I will be in Japan in May ... can't wait to go shopping!