Hey,guys!  I went to Shibuya.

many many people are in.

Do you know Shibuya?

For an hour I was  in Shibuya, I saw many foreign people taking photo.
im happy.

yesterday's my eyemake!


i lov Gaga's makeup!!


  1. SHIBUYA!!!~
    It seems to be a great place for shopping and to hang out.
    I really wish to go there someday (:

  2. Hi! I'm studying Japanese language and culture at university, and last year I went to Japan...just fell in love with Shibuya at first sight! It's one of my favourite places not only in Tokyo, but in the whole world! Unfortunately, here in Italy there is nothing at least similiar to Shibuya, with all that colorful youth, the music venues and the cool shops!

    Kisses from Italy! ^^

  3. I love Shibuya! I will go back there this summer, I can't wait! It seems to be filled with people at all times! I think it's really nice :)

    Lady GaGa's makeup is awesome. ^^ Looks great on you!

  4. I miss Shibuya and Japan!! I was there last year and I want to go back!! Love the eye makeup! come and visit my blog!


  5. 私の大学に、しぶやはとてもゆめいなときです!私はアメリカ人、と私のせんもんは日本けんきゅうです!えみかさんともえこさんはえい語を話すのがじょうずです。がんばってください!

  6. i love shibuya !! i buy a lot of polish a TAT next year !!!
    really love japan <3

  7. I will be going toTokyo in a couple of weeks. If you want, you can practice your English skills with me while I'm there. You can also be my tour guide and show me the places where the locals go.

  8. thank you all for the comments!

    yah it is!
    Shibuya has so many kinds of shops so
    Im sure everyone can enjoy hanging out.

    Im glad to guide you when you come!
    where are you from?

    wow what a wonderful coinsidence!
    Im studying Italian and culture at my univ,
    and Im gonna go to Italy from this august!

    I really hope meeting you in Italy and
    when you come here I want to meet you in Shibuya ;)

    oh will you?
    yah it is always filled w/ people in colorful and nice clothes.
    and I also like some places which are a little apart from the Shibuya station...
    it is more silent and calm, and there are also many wonderful shops!

    happy to hear that! emika will be happy too!

    I visited ur blog and it was really nice!
    please come again and meet there ;)

    >The Penguin


    >Lily nail
    so will you come here next year? Im glad to hear that!
    hope you enjoy ur stay and shop in japan!

    really? it seems to be exciting!
    what type of shops are u interested in? I might be able to tell you some.

    xoxo Moeko

  9. That's really nice of you. Thank you so much :D
    Unfortunately, it won't be any time soon though.
    Anyway, i'm from Singapore (: