JPNese traditional hakama →TOKYO mode!!!

Do you know kimono?

Do you know Hurisode?

Do you know Zouri?

Do you know Geta?

we want every people all over the world to know JPN traditional clothes.
today, i pick up one of many JPN clothes, "hakama"

do you know "hakama"?
All right,if you dont know it.

Hakama  is  a long pleated skirt worn over a kimono!
Bushi put on the hakama old days!

and now Japanese put on  hakama when they attend university graduation ceremony.

 But, we think that we should put on hakama daily.
bound by  tradition, we put on hakama and kimono, but I think we can put freely on hakama!
we want to match the hakama and shirts!It is new tokyo mode fashion!!

do you want to put on hakama?
if you say Yes, we glad to.

this is Japanese princess Ohinasama.

good bye!


Hey,guys!  I went to Shibuya.

many many people are in.

Do you know Shibuya?

For an hour I was  in Shibuya, I saw many foreign people taking photo.
im happy.

yesterday's my eyemake!


i lov Gaga's makeup!!



Hi this is Moeko, the other contributer of this blog "fashionpoach"!
Im also a college student in Japan, and learning english in there.
my english skills are not perfect and Id like to prectice it throught this blog.
so anyone who notice some mistakes in my writings, plz feel free to point them out!

btw I had been looking for the food camera for a long time
and finally I got it today ;) here it is!

since I came up with it for the first time, Ive been in love with it.
Id like to bring this anywhere anytime so this blog might be filled with photos
taken by this camera haha!

I hope all of you can enjoy spending time with us through our blog!


Nice to meet you!

My name is Emika.
I'm an university student in JPN.
I love fashion and want to represent my feeling.

I like English but I am weak in English.
I want  you to point out the mistakes in the sentenses written by me.



Today,we(I and Moeko) went to cafe.talking our blog!

the girl in this photo is this blog other contributer Moeko.
 MTG @cafe in Tokyo        many drinks