long time no see ;(

sorry not to post any these days..
emika posted some awesome posts and pics while i wasnt here. wonderful!

what i did during the time is... trip!
ive been to korea for 4days and had so nice time.
wonderful (spicy though) food, cheap and nice clothes and cosmetics...
i bought a lot but it didnt cost much! wana go there again pretty soon.

by the way are you aware of the earthquake occured in Tohoku Japan?
im in Tokyo so i didnt get so big shake at that time, but it was terrible...

my friends from korea worries about japan and she asks me some questions
according to her, there are some information given but sometimes its wrong..
so i wonder how people outside japan aware of and know about it and asking now.
but through facebook and some other SNS, ive seen so many messages and prays for japan
was given by many people in foreign countries... im so happy ;)
im also hoping and praying everything will be alright soon.


see-through socks

I bought new socks!
this socks is see-through;)
What do you feel?

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denim × leather

today Im wearing ......

secondhand denim shirt, Faux leather short skirt "EMODA", black and white pearl necklace,gray short boots,brown big belt.

EMODA is one of the Japanese Gyaru Brand. this brand has shop in 109 @Shibuya.
EMODA's brand producer,Ena Matsumoto has sooooooooooooo sense of beauty.
I love her!!! EMODA is Mode fashion brand.I love love love love it!!!
Please check it out!

Which Japanese Gyaru brand do you know and like??
I want to know it!!




Do you know Osaka??

Osaka is one of the biggest city in JPN.
Osaka is to the far west  of Tokyo.

I traveled to Osaka at April 15th.

Osaka hav Universal Studio Japan!
 this is JAWS!!!

 This is "Brikensan",who is one of the God!

 This is "Omusoba" dericious!!!
 This is Takoyaki!! It is very famous food in Osaka!!
 This is "Kushikatsu" This is also famous food in.

 This is Takoyaki too!!

 This is also Takoyaki! I looooooooooooooove it!!

Osaka is very very fantastic place! Osaka's food is dericious specially Takoyaki!!!!!
If you havent go Osaka, please you should go Osaka !!

My face in the last of photo shows that i love Osaka!!


Ah! Now I remember!!

Please look!
This is cherry blossom in China!

I like cherry blosom,Japanese like cherry blosom.
do you like cherry blosom?
hav you seen cherry blosom?
If you say "No I havent", I want you to see the row of cherry blosom in Japan!!!
This Chinese cherry blosom is beautiful,japanese cherry blosom too!!!

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my CHNs life part2

Hey guys.
How are you Today?
Today,I introduce you my CHN life too.

 This sweatshirt is the sweatshirt that made by Peking univ!!

Every Chinese goods are colorful!

vivid color is cooooooooool!!!


my CHN's life

i havent seen you for a long time.sorry.

i went to China to study.
Do you know Peking Univ?
I was in Peking univ during my stay in CHN.

China is wonderful! very very Wonderful!!!

i want to tell you China's my life.
But, i am very weak in English.
That is why,I will piblish many pictures in this blog.

to be continued