Do you know Osaka??

Osaka is one of the biggest city in JPN.
Osaka is to the far west  of Tokyo.

I traveled to Osaka at April 15th.

Osaka hav Universal Studio Japan!
 this is JAWS!!!

 This is "Brikensan",who is one of the God!

 This is "Omusoba" dericious!!!
 This is Takoyaki!! It is very famous food in Osaka!!
 This is "Kushikatsu" This is also famous food in.

 This is Takoyaki too!!

 This is also Takoyaki! I looooooooooooooove it!!

Osaka is very very fantastic place! Osaka's food is dericious specially Takoyaki!!!!!
If you havent go Osaka, please you should go Osaka !!

My face in the last of photo shows that i love Osaka!!

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  1. You make me hungry with your pictures, I want to taste Takoyaki too =3!